Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rocket Racer and the very fabulous Bowersock Gallery.

This is "Rocket Racer", it's oil on wood panel (16x20") and is part of the toy series I have been painting for Bowersock gallery in Provincetown, Mass. This will be hanging in the Bowersock Gallery booth at the 15th annual Boston International Fine Art show opening in Boston today. I want to say thank you to Steve and Mike from the Bowersock gallery, these guys work so hard for their artist. The fact that they invest in this booth every year is testimony of their efforts to be one of the premier New England galleries. They also took out a small advertisement this month in Art Collector magazine with one of my paintings in the ad. Thanks again guys. They also put together a nice article as part of a feature of my toy paintings in this months American Art collector.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Todd. Your "star" is not only rising, but it's light is warm and encouraging, too, bringing back so many of our childhood memories in these recent compositions. Pat N.