Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oops we didi it again!" Plein air winter painting at Battis Farm, Amesbury, Mass

(8x10") oil on linen "Battis Farm winter study, 2015"
Like last week, it started with a friendly note and promises of friendship and fun...soon, like last week, I was knee deep in snow, freezing and painting again.
Beware of friendly looking notes, lest ye has the stomach for sub zero snow painting.
This is a shot of Beaman Cole and his giant easel.  He was painting a beauty when I arrived.  Apparently there were as many as fifteen artist there.  It was great fun and again, I wish I took more photos of some of the characters that came to paint...the snow was deep and hard to walk in so I simply set up and got it done...looks like this will be a semi-regular thing so stand by for posting of future outings...maybe you can join us some time.  
Donald Jurney, Elaine Miller and me.

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