Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Castle Cat #3 (16x20") oil on canvas

Finished this 16x20" oil canvas titled, "Newcastle Cat #3".   I havnt posted the first two versions but I may do that soon.  The first two versions are completely different compositionaly.  It took me years to fully understand why Winslow Homer did seventeen versions of  his"Gulf Stream" painting...I can see now that he was trying to figure it out...visually problem solving..trying it a slightly different way...sometimes I feel like I have to try something new until the feeling of unresolved issues stops haunting my dreams.  Stand by for versions 4 thru 20...heehee, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Love this painting. I saw it recently in a shop in Camden, Maine and fell in live with it. Of all of the wo4rks displayed in this shop (Camden Falls Gallery), each one I was drawn to was one of your works. I learned you were based out of Portsmouth, NH and just around the corne4r form me. I would love to come to your studio and have a peek at your collection. I'm drawn to your ocean secnes and the row boat/dingy scenes with the pine trees in the back ground. Love your work
Karen W.

Pat E. Nickerson said...

Now you truly understand, Todd, why I do my seagulls and Bracket Marsh over and over again. NC Wyeth was so right! This year, it's been about the final copies from memory.