Monday, November 20, 2006

Whittle Baby (in progress)

Work in progress seems to be the story of my life. I actually like the chaos of a lot of projects going at once, it keeps it fresh and interesting for me.

I started in on this small clay and metal sculpture of a new born baby holding a small heart that I will ultimately attatch to his hands. From these photos you can see the early stage of the construction. That wire coming from his head will be a clasp that I will tie a ribbon to after I paint him. The finished product will be a christmas ornament.

I used to whittle these from balsa wood and give them to expecting mothers as gifts, thus the name "Whittle Baby" (Thats copywritten man, so don't steal my bazillion dollar idea). Alison and I are expecting our fist child in January so I plan to put this in her stocking. (She doesn't read my blog that often, so it's likely she won't read this). I'll post the finished ornament after I paint it.

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