Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sea Dog (5x7") oil on wood

"Sea Dog" (5x7") oil on wood
I thought I would post this small (5x7") oil on wood study I did of my brother Bobby that I titled, "Sea Dog".  I used this study to complete a much larger version at (20x40") that I titled "Old Salt", you can see that (here)
I learned that I love painting really small or really large paintings.  The large ones force you to stand back to absorb the breadth of the work in it's entirety, whereas the smaller ones require you to physically move in close, almost nose-to-nose with the art.  It's more intimate.  I heard someone refer to small paintings as almost jewel-like...the really good ones maybe.  For me, the joy comes in making them, getting up close and painting from my chair for the small ones and backing up ten feet or more in my studio for the larger ones.  Great fun.

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