Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Oarman underpainting

This is a 9x12" oil painting study I did on a masonite panel that I titled, "The Oarman".  The model is my good friend Johnny Hames again.  I used this smaller version to complete a larger painting with full color of the same title, you can see that (here).  
At the risk of sounding conceded, I will tell you that I like this little monochrome study just the way it is.  For this reason, I felt no need to add color (As I had done that with the larger version anyway).  For some artist, they cannot fathom the idea of doing a study first then working on another version of the same painting. For me, the smaller one is simply a study exploring values and design in an effort to achieve a larger, more finished painting.  On some occasions, I like the study enough to call it a completed work and will sometimes frame them.  Winslow Homer did over seventeen versions of some of his paintings, reworking compositional elements and exploring ways to push it or look at things another way.  I think thats a healthy way to proceed and push the limits of what a design can do...I will paint something if it's still in my head haunting me to resolve it another way.  For me, the process is a blast.  Sitting in my studio with music and simply painting is almost too much fun.


Beth said...

Hi Todd. So glad to see these updates on your blog. I love how soft the edges in these paintings are. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reaffirming my own obsession with repainting a composition several times as small studies. I become "aquainted" with my subject this way, as I explore it's many moods. (Pat N.)