Tuesday, November 19, 2013

GRIT (24x30") Finish

Finished and framed this (24x30") oil on linen painting that I titled, "Grit"...I posted the study not long ago.  This is my usual practice...I typically do a smaller (often (6x8") oil study to check drawing, composition, value, color, edges, etc to make sure it's all working.  When I think it will translate to a larger version, I may take that leap and give it a whirl.  Ya never really know, sometimes I'll think it's going to work as a larger painting and I'm dead wrong.  There are paintings wear I felt I wasted my time and should have simply been complacent with the study.  Anyhoot, I like this larger version of "Grit"...It's some of the richest color I've managed to paint in a while.  The Orange and Blues make this one sing.

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