Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Angel of Coffee

If there is such an angel, I'm pretty sure this is what she would look like. Creamy (half&half) colored flowing-hair, in a Starbucks tall, a long dress with coffee bean print, offering an enormous cup of steamy hot java. With a heavy (Dunkin Donuts)Boston accent she would ask if I wanted "Cream an sugar doll?"

Todays post is another bedside drawing.

I got some good news from an art gallery in Cape Cod. One of the Galleries I checked out in Wellfleet a few weeks ago wants to show seven of my dinghy paintings. I need to whip out a few more to meet her request but I'm very excited about it. Got a lot on the "life" plate, as you may have noticed fewer posts this past month.

Hopefully the Angel of Coffee will bless me with her nectar and enable me to carry on as usual.

All my best,

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