Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Penny Farthing drawing

This is a doodle that I got carried away with and spent way too much time on last night. When I worked as a staff illustrator for Foreside I did a bunch of drawings of Holiday figures on these turn-of-the-century Penny Farthing cycles. For some reason, I seem to doodle a lot of Penny Farthings ever since. I think the nostalgia and the sleek lines of the design appeal to me.


sadie pink said...

I grew up in Chelsea, MA. And every parade, this old guy would bring out one of these bikes and ride it. I always thought he was gonna kill himself. But it was cool. Sue

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for checking out my blog. I grew up in Winthrop,Ma, a stones throw from your old stomping grounds. My brother is a Chelsea Police officer.

Check back again sometime.

All my best,