Sunday, July 09, 2006

Newington, NH (Plein air)

Back to the great was a beautiful day today on the New Hampshire seacoast and I was very happy to take my paint box for a neigborhood cruise. I found a great spot a few miles down the road in the town of Newington. This little house was built in 1699..I love New England.

I set up in a cool spot in the shade of a giant Pine tree. (Tip to Plein air artist: Set up in the shade on bright sunny days, otherwise your colors appear bleached out and lighter when mixing and when you take your painting indoors later the colors will be much darker than you thought). I was able to pull my car next to the tree, unrolled the window and blared the Sox game. It was a perfect painting session.

After a little more than two hours of painting, my wife called and asked me to come home and help put away groceries...I'll have to finish this one in the studio later.

ps. I started painting around 2pm when the Sox game started. At the time of this post it's 8:20pm and the Sox are still playing. It's tied 5-5 in the nineteenth inning.

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