Friday, July 14, 2006

Artist gone to Vermont...

Hi all,

When I was in art college and really bussy, I used to trot past my college friends in the hall and like a crazy person I would say, "Can't talk bussy". They thought I was nuts and I must say they were on-the-money. This week is kind of like that. I'm going to my twentieth High School class reunion on Saturday then I'm off to Vermont for the twentieth anniversary of my friends renting a place in Vermont every summer. I'll be back on Tuesday. I'm bringing my paintbox to Vermont so I should have something to post when I get back.

Today, I am posting my children's poem illustration at about 90% finished. The publisher had some sizing changes on there end and have extended the deadline a week to accomodate the problem

Have a great weekend, all my best to you.

Todd Bonita

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Jonh Neo said...

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