Friday, May 09, 2014

Chris Volpe

The brilliant abstract realist and good friend, Chris Volpe
My friend Chris Volpe is a very smart, spirited and creative man, it's been fun to watch him fearlessly explore who he is as an artist.  His honest curiosity is a driving force behind much of his exploration.  He makes you want to be brave as an artist...not as easy as it might seem in the heavy, sometimes  psychologically burdensome matrix of trying to figure out the painter inside you.  I'm proud to be exhibiting Chris Volpes oil paintings at my gallery, it's nice to be surrounded by beautiful, thoughtful and expressive work.  I think art history will show Volpe to be an unabashed risk taker with his own very unique voice.  There is deep, psychological thought at play in his work.  It's impossible not to get lost in his high contrasts, moody palette of varied textural shapes...sometimes representational, sometimes abstract...and other times walking a balance between the two.  Here is a link to the web site of  Chris Volpe.
Entrepreneurial power house, Debbie Powers, owner of the gallery upstairs, The Beth Ellis Gallery, and my man Volpe.

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