Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Plein Air painting Tuesdays Ogunquit, Maine

Plein air Painting demo at Cape Neddick, Maine
Our second class in this first series of Plein Air Tuesdays in Ogunquit took us to another really nice coastal nook in Cape Neddick, Maine...a stones throw from Walt Kuhn road, wear famed American artist Walt Kuhn had a summer cottage and painted in the hey-day of the bustling Ogunquit Art Colony.

"Squinting to compare strength of focal point to secondary elements"
One of our objectives in this six week series is to answer the question, "What is my painting about"? Definitively determining a focal point and proceeding in a manner that requires your constant attention to maintain focal point dominance. 

"We have two objectives,
 1) See the world the way an artist does,
2) Learn to use the tools to make them do what we want them to do".
I had Pochade box envy and coveted Peters portable little paint box...I can almost hear the sound of my credit card bursting into flames.

Demonstrating accurate drawing techniques with Leanne.  Hold your tool up and recreate the angle of that roof, and compare it to a true horizontal like the horizon line or the top of your canvas.
If you would like to join us on a future six week session or to drop in and try one with us, please email or call me.   (603) 819-9100 or email: tmbonita@gmail.com
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