Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Plein Air Tuesdays Ogunquit, Maine (Beach Plum Farm land Trust)

Patty (me mum) and childhood friend Jack Calabrese.  Jack joined us today to see what the Plein air painting craze is all about.  Jack grew up in Winthrop, Mass around the corner from me, I've known him since I was seven...he now lives in Dover, New Hampshire, a stone-and-a-half throw from my greenland, NH home.  So cool to see him.  Happy to report he will be coming to our Monhegan Island painting trip next month. 

Jacks got a great eye as a photographer, a real gift for sensitivity and knowledge of composing...no doubt he will bring those skills to plein air painting.  He took this photo of my mom and Nancy at critique time in the barn at Beach Plum.

Demo and lecture on color...as things go further in space they tend to get cooler, lighter, softer edges and more atmospheric...

Demo painting...thanks for the photos Jack!

Jack took this very artsy photo of me palette box and paints.  Hes got the magic eye.  Well done Jack!

Irene finds her nook.

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H Weidle said...

What a beautiful painting the picture of the palette box could be. I can almost see a woman 's face in the blue paint.