Friday, May 02, 2014

The Shack

Friends and family visiting the Shack. 
Second day at the gallery has been more setting up, hanging paintings and getting organized...people are coming by to say hi, the reception has been wonderful, Ogunquit has been incredibly kind and so many locals have reached out to offer themselves.  Love it here!
Perkins Cove Goddess, Diane Piktialis, me and shack owner Marcia Brazer
The owner of the shack came by with flowers and well wishes, as did Diane, artist friend who works at the upstairs, Beth Ellis Gallery.
Beaman cole touching up a plein air painting at the Shack.
I had envisioned this space with a working artist out front as often as possible.  My friend Beaman Cole is slaying one here with his handmade easel beast.
My Gaurdian Angel and Cove Goddess, Jinny Noble.
She has no idea how grateful I am for all she's done for me, even though I remind her.  Jinny Noble is one of the good ones, salt of the earth and a huge part of the reason I was able to
open this little gallery.  Thank you again Jinny.  You're awesome.

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Tony Luongo said...

Handmade easel beast indeed! I paint the model with Beeman in Manchester. His easel is a monsteršŸ˜€. Great work Todd and congrats opening your gallery. I wish you well.